Tactful Update

So, I gave Final Fantasy Tactics a good go over on the PS1 over the past week. It’s good, but my lord it’s a lot more difficult than FFT Advance. Rediculously at some points. I didn’t get very far in two days, and haven’t played it since. I can’t even remember what battle I’m stuck at, it isn’t too far from the Slums of Dorter battle. Maybe I’m daft, but I can’t figure how you raise your levels, skills, etc. On FFTA you can do different missions, and pick fights with clans to gain some EXP, but there isn’t anything similar in FFT. I’ll probably pick at it some more, but that’s my first impression.

There’s an item to check off the Future Entertainments list – I just acquired the new Basement Jaxx album Crazy Itch Radio but I haven’t listened to it yet due to some nice tunes from Annie Mac on Radio 1 playing right now (one of which was a track from the aforementioned Jaxx album). Kasabian is still getting quite a bit of airtime, haven’t listened to much lately though. Too busy at work to listen to music at my desk and no tunes at all in the Tony Stanza. Oh yeah, the Stanza is on the road and works like a top. Bit of an oily smell from oil spilled onto the engine during the car’s time without an oil cap. Other than the lack of music, it’s great and I’m pretty happy with the mileage.

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  1. Aww yeah Final Fantasy Tactics is VERY hard near the middle, but after the brutally difficult one-on-one fight of Delita vs. Ramza (I think…) it gets a little easier.

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