Windows = Bag of Hammers

Today’s post is brought to you by the letters “M”, “S”, and “aaarrrrggghhhh”. I’m stuck on a Windoze PC now at work while doing lunch time desk duty. Something as simple as wanting to change my desktop picture gets completely bungled up. I go to Flickr, save my photo of London Bridge to the desktop. Ok, so right click the desktop (sadly no “Change desktop picture” option here a la OS X), go to properties and then the desktop tab. Alright so far, but I have an urge to just click and drag the file to the image well looking preview area. That won’t work here, skipper. Click on browse and pick my jpeg. Click Ok a couple of times. And nothing. Noda. Same blue background. I try it again, rename the file, download it again. No freaking joy.

Changing to the one of the pictures in the “Background” list on the desktop properties window works. Ok, let’s see where they are saved, maybe if I put my photo there it will work. There’s one there called “Stewie” (yes, that Stewie). Lets find out where that’s saved. Enter the Windows find function. /Barf. Priority 1 – get rid of the animated dog (and Macs get accused of being to cartoony/kiddie/toy-like). So, let’s do a search for “Photos and Pictures” with the term “Stewie”. Guess what, nothing found! /Toss!

I give up. Blue (screen) background it is.

Author: andrea

A Londoner from eastern Canada. City of London Guide, fixer of Macs, collector of old video games, appreciative of synths.

2 thoughts on “Windows = Bag of Hammers”

  1. You could just right click / set as wallpaper from the image within internet explorer. It’s not confusing, it’s just different!

  2. Yes, I suppose I could open the saved picture in IE and then right click and set as wallpaper. Such a work around 😉

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