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I’ve been listening to a lot of good new music lately.  Some new, some new to me.  Each time I listened to something new I would think “gee I should post that on the website” but never do.  So I’ll pile a whole bunch of music stuffs here now.

The main person I want to mention is Lily Allen, who is from the internet which must be somewhere in Islington.  No album out yet but she’s very much the buzzy thing at the moment.  I first heard of her from PopJustice a while ago and first heard some of her music last week.  Her first video for the song LDN sold me, as did getting a bunch of her songs.  A bit cutting edge, cool pop tunes with lyrics that make you lol.  Her online presense is her MySpace site where she posts lyrics and blogs about buying iPod HiFi’s at the Apple Store. There’s a couple tunes on there, but for best results fire up your favourite P2P app and get searching. Here’s the tracks I have so far:

  • LDN
  • Everything’s Just Wonderful
  • Knock ‘Em Out
  • Little Things
  • Cheryl Tweedy
  • Nan You’re A Window Shopper
  • Smile
  • Shame For You

Some other stuff I’ve tuned into lately are the new Keane single Is It Any Wonder. It sounds different from their debut album… quite U2’y in fact but still pretty good. Their new album is out June 12th, perfect timing for me to get the UK edition.

After finding out what the song was on the Jaguar XK commercials I checked out more of Spoon. The song in the ad is Turn My Camera On from the album Gimmie Fiction. Great album, especially the aforementioned track, My Mathimatical Mind and Delicate Place.

I didn’t care for Embrace‘s latest single but after hearing they were chosen to do the World Cup song for England this year I thought I’d investigate them further. Turns out that one single is the only song I don’t like on their latest album This New Day. Sainted and Exploding Machines are quite good. They’re like the love-child of Coldplay and U2.

The Kooks album Inside In Inside Out is awesome start to finish. I like albums like that. They have a cool sound and zany hair, what more can be said.

Last but not least is a group I’ve mentioned before; Zero 7. Remember how much I liked them before? I like them even more now. The Garden is a fan-freaking-tastic album.

Addition on May 12th – How could I forget about The Feeling? Their first single, Sewn is swoon-worthy. The album sampler just posted on their website is really promising as well as the live tracks they’ve posted. I’m waiting for tickets for one of their shows to go on sale.

Author: andrea

A Londoner from eastern Canada. City of London Guide, fixer of Macs, collector of old video games, appreciative of synths.

4 thoughts on “Music Makes Ears Happy”

  1. Wow new embrace album. I bought one of their cds way back in high-school but never really got into it besides the single. I’ll have to check this one out.

    Listen to Arctic Monkeys yet? Best brit-rock ever!

  2. Aye! The Artic Monkeys are quite good! I find I get in a mood for them and listen to nothing but them for a few days.

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