The Dellbox 360

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I haven’t seen anyone else pick up on this so far, but the Xbox 360’s design looks very much like the older style Dell GX220 that so many offices seem to have spread everywhere. Comparison shot on the site.

People are just picking up on this now? This isn’t news! I’ve been harping on about how much the XBox 360s look like Dulls before they came out. The College has truckloads of Dulls with that same case. Kudos at least to the guy who blogged it for a nice looking site 😉

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Author: andrea

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3 thoughts on “The Dellbox 360”

  1. Having actually gotten around to playing a 360 recently I can tell you they perform like Dells too.




    You say you want a Revolution, well you know…

  2. The PS2 looks like a VCR from 1985.. the XBox looks like a cartoon anvil, the 360 looks like a dell, the Dreamcast looks like a K-Tel pancake cooker, and anything older than that looks like a videogame console, because that’s what we grew up calling ‘game consoles’, so when things look different we are taken aback 🙂

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